Since 15th of april 2005 my business Leny's Friese Paarden became official. Before that I had plenty of hands on experience at stables and also did the  judging course 1&2 from the KFPS which i completed successfully.

The Friesian horse is a all-round horse, the friesian gets used for recreative riding, to go for a relaxing ride through the woods or on the beach, in saddle or by carriage. The Friesian is also used allot for dressage sport now making their way up to the higher scores! 

If your horse has the sport predicate it means what the horse has achieved either under saddle in dressage, by harness either on the ground or infront of the sjees or competition wagons.


Maaike fan it Hiem was at our stable, where we trained here and i sold her to Sweden.