About me

In the Friesian world many know me as Leny.

Leny Hayteme-Reidsma is my full name and together with my family live in Wons a place nearby IJsselmeer and a village named Makkum.

From a very young age i started to pony-ride together with my friend, she was also my neighbour, we cycled everywhere just to be around ponies! At the age of 7 years old together with my father we arrived at the Gaastra's Tjerkwerd which was a farm who owned Friesian horses. I was allowed to care for these horses.

In the next few years i rode allot of Friesians in the surrounding areas too, from breaking horses in and to getting them ready for the inspections to be graded. In 1999 we bought our first Friesian mare, Ymkje van Dedgum. She became 1ste premie star and earn her sportpredicate in the dressage. We bred 6 stallions out of her. Ymkje now belongs to a very dear friend of us.

Our stam-mare is Annegje v Meslans, stam 28, we bought this mare back in 2006, she is also the dam of Ymkje van Dedgum. From this mare we bred our own starmare out of Fabe named Geartsje fan de Iepene Hikke and another mare out of Aan named Nyncke fan de Iepene Hikke. Annegje so far has produced 4 ster offspring and 3 sport offspring, we are very proud that she became Preferent and Prestige.

Ster-gelding Foppe fan de Iepene Hikke at the age of 3 was awarded champion at the Euro Friesian Cup and now Z1 dressage and earn the sportpredicate, like his brother Auke fan de iepene hikke.

Estelle van de Strubbenhof is our other broodmare, she came to us in 2011. Estelle is a Doeke x Tsjimme and is the full sister to the dam of the approved stallion Brend, stam-line 34. Out of her we bred Mary fan de Iepene Hikke out of the stallion Aan, she was awarded a 1st premie and was later sold on. Her Alke colt from last year is stabled at family Beukens in Oudemirdum to be brought on. Her 3the foal we bred is Trudy fan de iepene hikke, an Alke daughter, she is also sold.

Our dream is to get Estelle Preferent.

The horses in the pictures you can see on this page, are our own breedings.